OST’s To Get You Through Those Last Few Hours At Work

I work a desk job. Most of my day consists of sitting in a chair and typing away on my computer. One of my favorite things to do at my job is listen to music. Honestly, I don’t know If I could do my job efficiently if I wasn’t allowed to shuffle through my 10,000 song library from AM to PM. That being said, the endless surge of loud beats, heavy guitars, and prominent vocals can become a bit overwhelming after a few hours, or a few days. If you’re a person who enjoys listening to music at work though, you don’t necessarily want to just stop. Then the silence sets in and you experience a totally different work space hell of quiet monotony.

One particularly slow day I noticed this change setting in. My ears were starting to ache and I was a few seconds away from ripping my earbuds out and just going without for the remainder of the work day. Then I thought to myself: what music would make me feel calm and comforted right now? Obviously the original soundtracks to my favorite video games, duh. Since I didn’t have any of the music purchased or downloaded, I decided to check Youtube to see if there were any collections available that I could get a few hours of sweet nirvana from. Unbelievable at it may seem, I can tell you as a fellow nerd that I was not prepared for the unfathomably extensive range of compiled OST’s that are buried in the archives of Youtube. I thought I was going to vomit from nostalgic excitement as soon as the recommend list popped up. For the next 30 minutes I dug deeper and deeper, collecting the musical masterpieces of treasured video games until my favorites list was close to the triple digits.

The following week was amazing. My productivity was at an all-time high and I felt a sense of warm joy listening to all of these amazing soundtracks. Now I would like to share some of those with you guys, in hopes that you might find the same sense of relief during your long work hours; unless you work in an active volcano like Brett Lindsey (Check out his alternative list). Fair warning, there’s a lot of Square Enix…




Journey is an interesting entry on this list for me. I can admit that I haven’t put a lot of time into this game, yet I can appreciate the soundtrack all the same. There is a delicate feel to the orchestral compositions of Journey that has the capacity to take you on your own mental trip. Coming in at around an hour, this soundtrack will give you exactly what you need after a long shift: minimal distraction and dynamically soothing sounds.

Check out the full OST here.


The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker


In my opinion Wind Waker has one of the best Zelda soundtracks to date. The whimsical score breathes life into a truly colorful adventure and creates a style that is hard to match. The tone perfectly compliments you joining the antics of cheesy pirates, and setting off on your own to sail the open waters in search for your taken sister. Wind Waker remains one of the most original Zelda games, so it only makes sense that the music meant to accompany your seafaring journey took the same approach.

Check out the full OST here.


Shadow of the Colossus


Those who remember Shadow of the Colossus will no doubt recall the depth of its music. After all, fighting giant colossi shouldn’t come without a hauntingly epic melody to back you up. Dripping with weighty classical influence, this beautifully ominous soundtrack has so much character. I found the style similar to the background music you would hear during a play or musical. I could almost craft the scenery of the game in my head through the swelling choruses, and tranquil refrains.

Check out the full OST here.


Final Fantasy VII


If I’m being honest, any entry in the Final Fantasy series is a good place to look for quality  music. From the unforgettable main theme, to the drastically unique compositions, these tunes serves as a primary source of ambiance that makes each game just as memorable as the last (in most cases). One of the most memorable has to be Final Fantasy VII. The way that the opening theme organically transforms into that industrial tone to introduce the city of Midgar brings a surge of comforting familiarity to me every time I hear it. Don’t even get me started on the emotional roller coaster that is Aerith’s theme song…I always try to line up my 15 minute break with that track so I can have a cry in the stairwell. The soundtrack is quite lengthy, but I can’t say that I ever tire of hearing it.

Check out the full OST here.


FTL (Faster Than Light)


While FTL’s soundtrack is comprised of midi tones, which can be harsh and jarring out of context, it actually presents a delightful and creative instrumental. The melodies are well thought out and soft on the ears. There’s a very tangible atmosphere that can be felt through the progression of the composition. Even though FTL can be a considerably stressful game, the soundtrack exists far away from that effect.

Check out the full OST here.


Dragon Quest VIII


There are so many points to cover when you consider Dragon Quest VIII, but the soundtrack is one of the major ones that keeps calling me back. It resonated so fiercely with me that just hearing a few seconds of the main theme is enough to make me smile like a giddy child. First off, There is a full symphony orchestra backing this game so it automatically hits the right places for me. Each song that makes up the soundtrack of this game has such an exclusive style, to the point that hearing one of these melodies lets me know where I might currently be in that game. I recognize the sounds that start up when you enter an inn, or journey outside of the city, or hop aboard your ship to sail the open waters. Each number comes with a range of emotions that makes me feel at home no matter where I may be.

Check out the full OST here.


Kingdom Hearts


Lastly, the Kingdom Hearts soundtracks are probably the most overplayed videos on my Youtube list. It’s absolutely amazing how listening to Hikari can transport me back to age 12, when I was rushing through my math homework to jump back into my adventure with Sora, Donald, and Goofy. I would even go so far as to say that Kingdom Hearts produces some of my favorite music period. There is a masterful mixture of Final Fantasy and Disney elements present from start to finish. While the run time may be upwards of two and a half hours, I can point out every single part of the game that is associated with a specific track. Again, the symphony orchestra crushes it big time here, but that’s no surprise coming from a Disney/Square Enix Hybrid. So if you’re feeling dreary during that five o’clock stretch, take a listen to this compilation and escape for a bit.

Check out the full OST’s here…and here.


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