How to Actually Deal with Tilt

It happens to the best of us. Your team is moving in on the objective. You split into two groups and flank. Your squad is getting into position….and some asshat Leroy Jenkins right into the enemy. He gets gunned down instantly, blaming the healers as he dies. Now the enemy team knows where you’re coming from and proceeds to slaughter you. At this point, the rage is fucking palpable and you want nothing more than to beat the shit out of the idiot on your team that ruined everything. This happens to us all. Things don’t go your way in a match and it takes every ounce of your self control to not punch a hole right through your screen, wall, dog, etc… The feeling goes by many names; sore loser,  salty, or recently, tilt. SOME PEOPLE will tell you that the best way to deal with this is to step away from the situation. Maybe go play something low key to relax and introspectively ponder why you allowed yourself to get so worked up in the first place. Well that’s the kind of bullshit loser talk i would expect from a filthy casual. You gotta fight fire with fire. Let me tell you how to actually deal with tilt.



No not the creepy Addams Family fella. I’m talking about going full Sith with your anger. Really feel the rage inside you. Observe the physiological effect it has on your body . An accelerated heart rate, clenched jaw, tightening grip, and tunnel vision are just a few of the notable symptoms. Once you are aware of what’s happening you can attempt to control it. A channeled rage can be a potent force. I’ve come back from many losing streaks by using the anger as a motivator. Find the person who triggered you in the first place and grind his or her face into the dirt. There are few things sweeter in life than teabagging a teabagger. When it comes to gaming, revenge is a dish best served blistering hot.



Tilt can be a tremendous source of productivity.  When you’re feeling really pissed off try venting by finding a suitable outlet. Knock out some chores or fit in a quick workout. I like to use the time and energy to make powerpoints presentations explaining in intricate detail why your incompetence cost us the game. There are a plethora of online resources available to help you put together professional looking graphs and charts for free. Anyone can say that a teammate was garbage last round, but when you can make a visual representation of someone’s douchebaggery. That’s a special kind of thing.



Since the dawn of man, we’ve always turned to violence to solve most of our problems. Why should this be any different? Some academics have argued that like dance or song, violence is an art form. It’s a quintessential way that humans express themselves. So when you’re feeling particularly upset about getting wrecked, why not express yourself into a punching bag? A pillow or medium sized inflatable giraffe will also suffice. (Editor’s note: Do not hit things!)



This was actually a write in suggestion I got from some fellas on Overwatch. I asked them how I should deal with getting titled from losing…


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