Cats + Video Games = Win


Cattails is the open world pixel art cat simulator you’ve always desperately wanted. Check out the Kickstarter or Steam Greenlight entry for the next game that’s sure to dominate the hearts and minds of the internet. Live the life of a wild cat in this feline nod to classics like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. You will get to design your own feral fur ball and interact with dozens of unique NPCats. Socializing with another cat may lead to you developing adorable bonds of friendship with your kitty compatriot. If things go wrong though, be prepared to engage in feline fisticuffs. You will even be able to meet that special someone and get married. I hope it’s in a church, because they will obviously be having a cat-holic ceremony.  


Cattails, a most pur-fect title, is self produced by Falcon Development. The company is primarily made up of Tyler and Rebekah; a husband and wife team from Indianapolis, IN. They’ve previously released the mobile games Knights of Aira Strategy RPG and Pixel Penguin, showing that unlike most kickstarters, they can actually complete a project. This game is promising to deliver on a fun, light-hearted premise. Who hasn’t daydreamed about spending their day as a cat? Nip on over to their site and toss a little scratch their way. Cattails will be clawing it’s way into your heart this winter with an expected release of December 2017.




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