Is Releasing Destiny 2 On PC The Right Move?


It has recently been confirmed that Destiny 2 will be releasing on PC in addition to the console releases in September 2017. This news doesn’t seem to come as a big surprise, rather the original Destiny not coming to PC could be seen as more surprising; when you consider the initial announcement that it would be. Even though it had a rough start, due to some disappointment regarding the weak story and shallowness in some areas, Destiny still managed to establish a strong following among console gamers. The decision to branch out to the PC community sounds good on paper, but there are a lot of factors that may not have been fully considered. A friend of mine, who purchased a PS4 mainly to play Destiny, has primarily been a PC gamer for most of his life. He sent me a few interesting points that really made me consider what the future of Destiny 2 holds with moves like this:

Kevin Missildine (PC gamer):

Including a PC release of Destiny 2 could prove to be a good or bad thing. It sounds like great news for all the people, including myself, who wanted so bad for destiny to be released on PC. I prefer the mouse and keyboard setup to trying to retrain my hands on the sticks, especially when it comes to the competitive modes and challenging raids. I also put a lot into keeping my gaming rig at a higher performance level, so getting the most out of a game’s visuals is important to me. Lastly, most of my friends are primarily PC gamers, which placed a very expensive barrier between being able to enjoy the game with them. Part of me is really excited to avoid these issues once Destiny 2 is made available.

On the other hand, by removing that console exclusivity there will also the need for even more segregated servers. Console users would never be expected to verse PC users in the Crucible (PVP). The mouse and keyboard advantage wouldn’t offer a balanced playing field. I fear that the console player base could drop from PC players, who originally made the stretch to console, swapping over to PC once Destiny 2 is released. I’m not usually this concerned about a player base being unbalanced between console and PC, but the jump from a console exclusive this late in the game seems risky for the PS/Xbox communities.. Hopefully I’m wrong and the PC release turns out to be a great decision in the end.

What are your thoughts? Are you planning to make the switch to PC for Destiny 2? Share your comments below!


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