New Assassin’s Creed Leaked in Lead Up to E3

E3 is still a few days away, and already the video game industry has more leaks than potato soup.* The most recent company that couldn’t keep from wetting themselves is our favorite French publisher, Ubisoft. Images and information about the newest entry in the Assassin’s Creed Franchise have been popping up on the internet these last few days, from a multitude of different sources. These tidbits seem to confirm our favorite secret order is back from their two year hiatus.

The infuriatingly named Assassin’s Creed: Origins appears to be set in Ancient Egypt** and will probably attempt to provide a full fleshing out of the nonsensical background behind the start of the east-coast, west-coast shadow war the franchise is known for. Expect AC: Origins to be available this October and look forward to additional information when Ubisoft’s frog eating assess take the stage at E3 on Monday, June 12th.

*That’s a culinary joke you philistines.

**A place differing from its modern counterpart primarily in that the ancient religious fanatics were a bit better organized around their barbaric human sacrifices.


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