Seasoned Fighting Game Developers Announce Dragon Ball Fighters

Arc System Works, the company behind some of the greatest anime based fighting games ever made, dropped a bombshell today with the announcement that they are developing a new 2.5D Dragon Ball fighting game. This reveal comes with notable acclaim from fans, as Arc System Works is well known for their gorgeous hand drawn animation. Arc’s signature art style got most of its fame from the extremely well received Blazblue and Guilty Gear series.

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This new fighting game was made public today in a press release ( from publisher Bandai Namco and slates the game for a release in early 2018. So far, Dragon Ball Fighters has been announced for release on PS4, XBOX One, and PC. No word on whether or not a Switch version is being planned for the near future.


While many will be excited over this news, does this spell the end of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series? Will Bandai Namco keep it alive or are they going to bet hard on the new Dragon Ball Fighters? Expect more details to be discussed at it’s official press event in a few days at E3.


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