EA Reveals New Coop Only Action Adventure “A Way Out”

In an unexpected and bold creative move, EA premiered a trailer of their new co-op adventure A Way Out. Set in an indeterminate time period somewhere in the American backcountry, A Way Out is being created by rookie developer Hazelight. Though Hazelight may be new, its core team is made up of former Starbreeze Studios staff that brought us the critically acclaimed Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons back in 2013.


A Way Out follows two convicts, Vincent and Leo, who meet in prison and work together to plan their escape. The images shown in the trailer remind me of some of the excellent cooperative gameplay present in several of the Splinter Cell games. Different scenes will have multiple paths and resolutions, depending on the choices made by Vincent and Leo. Once the duo manages to spring themselves from the joint, the gameplay appears to take a much more action oriented feel with the protagonists being constantly pressured while on the run from authorities. Gunfights breakout in the visually pleasing backwoods trails as the guys attempt to evade pursuit from local law enforcement.


We haven’t been provided with a tremendous amount of information on A Way Out, but based off the trailer, EA seems to have made a game that feels like a PG version of Kane and Lynch blended with the cinematic elements of Uncharted. The big hook is that AWO is going to be playable ONLY as a split screen, two-player experience. It doesn’t matter if you are playing on the same couch, or over ye olde interwebs, AWO is built from the ground up as a narrative that will be unveiling itself through dual perspectives. While this will be a slight sting in the side of antisocial gamers without a single friend in the world, it belies an experimental approach that is very uncharacteristic of EA. They are a company built on massive franchises stamping out formulaic sequels, so let’s hope AWO is successful enough to signal a change in their normal rinse and repeat. See the full trailer here.



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  1. Kim says:

    I loved Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons so I’ve got my eye on this one. Not entirely sure how I feel about the split-screen though; it’ll be interesting to see how the devs pull it off.


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