Impressions From EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 Stream – E3 Day 1



Battlefront 2 coverage was a sure thing to expect from E3 2017. In the months leading up to E3, EA has been doling out teasers and promises, preparing fans for the follow up to the mostly disappointing re-entry title. While Battlefront offered a limited selection of game modes that felt like 10 different ways to play team deathmatch, the sequel seems to have distanced itself from this format.

Battlefront2-1EA’s livestream skirmish between the Republic and the Separatists showed us a match that covered separate phases of battle. The starting sequence was more reminiscent of the classic conquest mode. The map looked to be quite open and explorable, giving players the ability to choose their own objectives more freely. After a lengthy struggle, the match consolidated to an indoor setting, where the fight became much more aggressive and fast paced. This is taken directly from Battlefield 1’s popular operations mode.

Battlefront2-3Great visuals are still very much at play herebuilding on the visceral appeal that made the first game intriguing. The hero’s have definitely been given a touch up for better handling, though It’s not clear if there will be an issue with availability for all players. The battles definitely feel like they are built to last longer, and offer more variety. Not a lot of insight was given for the new classes that will be available. From the details that were disclosed, its safe to expect a larger focus on combat roles between the different classes.

A lot of the fan base is likely to be on the fence about this game making good on the mistakes of it’s predecessor. If that is destined to happen, then we will need to see more of the founding content replaced. Hopefully the finished product from EA will follow suit from what was shown today.


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