Bioware Shows Off New IP “Anthem”

I really want to be excited for Anthem. Yes EA, you’re supposed gameplay trailer looked amazing. The environmental effects, in particular, caught my eye. Bioware showcased a rich walled city where players venture out of in groups to complete quests, and gather loot from randomized drops while leveling up different exo-suits/classes. Oh and there are instanced areas/dungeons/raids of varying challenges that you complete for story reasons.


Is it me, or does this description remind you of a certain Bungie IP? What happened to Bioware? These are the guys that gave us KOTOR, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate, and Neverwinter Nights. Why are they making 3rd person Destiny? I was worried when they released Mass Effect 3. We were able to recover from that ending; they admitted they were wrong, gave us new endings, and we all moved forward together.

We never stopped for a minute to ask Bioware, “Hey little guys, you doing ok?” A simple conversation might have stopped what happened next; Andromeda. If only we had recognized the signs. We could have prevented Bioware’s creative suicide. Instead, we all callously laughed at terrible animation and forgettable story. Mass Effect: Andromeda was a cry for help from a deranged friend, and instead of reaching out, we picked glitchy scraps off the still warm corpse of a once great developer. Anthem isn’t the game that we want; it’s the game that we deserve.


Specifically, Anthem is Destiny with an over-the-shoulder camera, running on,what appears to be, the same engine as Mass Effect: Andromeda.  It’s got loot, classes, instances, and a massive open world filled with dynamic events. I’m not expecting much, but it’s EA, so I’m sure at least it’ll look nice. See the full trailer here.  


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