Wargroove is Chucklefish’s Take on Advance Wars


Did you play Advance Wars? You should have. It was an addictive Game Boy Advance strategy title with charming artwork and engrossing gameplay. It spawned a multitude of sequels since its 2001 release and has a diehard following. Unfortunately the franchise has been silent since 2008 and Nintendo hasn’t given any word on if, or when we’ll ever see another.


But wait! What’s that in the sky? Who’s this figure bathed in light and carrying a hand crafted love letter to the games of yesteryear? Why it’s everyone’s favorite spunky little British developer Chucklefish!


In the same way that Stardew Valley was an homage to everything wonderful about Harvest Moon, Chucklefish is giving Advance Wars the same treatment with their new title, Wargroove. With it’s heartwarming pixel graphics, turn based combat, 1 – 4 player options, and deep underlying mechanics; Wargroove is most definitely going to be on my “must-buy” list for 2017.


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Of course, Chucklefish isn’t satisfied with just giving you a fun, engaging game to play. They’ve also packed in an intuitive and powerful creation tool which players can use to make their own levels and campaigns to share with others. Check out these gifs from their developer blog to get an idea.


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We don’t have a firm date on Wargroove, other than sometime this year. Follow us here at The Nerding Grounds for more info as it appears.


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