Playerunknown’s Battleground Adding Zombies, Mantling, Precipitation, and Xbox One Port.

You know it’s a slow E3 when the announcement of a console port and some glorified patch notes make it into the presentation of one the “big three.” To be fair, at least this qualifies as “video game related” and isn’t some tone-deaf stunt like revealing a super-car in the middle of a video game expo. Nonetheless, Playerunknown’s Battleground, or PUBG, is the current darling of Twitch and isn’t showing any signs of letting up. As a result, Microsoft devoted some of their stage time to revealing PUBG’s upcoming release on the xbox one, as well as some gameplay changes.


PUBG’s console port comes as no surprise. Rumors and leaks regarding it have been circulating for the last month. There has been no official word on whether we’ll see PUB on PS4 or Switch, but nothing is off the table at this point. No hard release date was given other than sometime this year.

In regards to the changes of note to the current PC players; expect mantling, weather effects, a new gun, and zombies. We’ll soon have the ability to climb onto and over obstacles in the world. This feature will give more tactical options to players looking for less conventional flanking routes or when fleeing in abject terror. See the entire trailer here. There is precious little info on what purpose zombies will play in the game, but the developer assures us they will be in an optional mode and will not be part of standard play. We weren’t told when to expect the undead hordes, but the word on the street suggests sometime this summer.  


In addition to these changes, we were told two additional maps are also being worked on. No further details or release date yet. Follow us at TheNerdingGrounds to stay updated on future developments.


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