Games In 2017 That I, And Maybe You Passed Over

With a game launch season as strong as early 2017 it’s easy to see how some might pass over a few quality titles. Whether certain games simply didn’t stack up to whatever was capturing your interest, or a glance to your bank statement didn’t fill you with that last bit of courage to throw down on another $60 purchase.

There’s no shame in this. As a gamer, you’re allowed to pass on certain gems until the time that their prices become more competitive. The summer lull is the perfect time to reflect on the great games that might have been overshadowed by Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or Persona 5. Most of the examples listed below have dropped in price by this time, and definitely belong on your 2017 bucket list.



This was released a little late in the game, so it was easier to take it or leave it. It’s likely that after picking up 3-4 big titles in early 2017, you just couldn’t bring yourself to add Prey to your video game queue. Then again, maybe you didn’t go all in like a sauced cowboy, and were able to fork over the scratch in May. Either way, Prey is definitely not one to sleep on for much longer. Unique gameplay and a solid story come together in a semi-terrifying space thriller that will feed your Bioshock nostalgia. I wouldn’t exactly consider the price tag to be on the cheap side, but $39.99 is a pretty doable investment around these slower months.



While I didn’t necessarily pass on Nioh, it didn’t get the attention it deserved. I own the game and I’ve put a number of hours into it, but somehow it fell under the radar a few months ago and has yet to resurface. Being a huge Dark Souls/Bloodborne fan, I was immediately hooked by the stellar combat, fun loot system, and delightfully east asian visual design. There’s also a lot of replay value, as well as a decent co-op mode. This was one of those unexpected games that was released right before the tidal wave had hit full force, so there’s a chance it passed you like a ship in the night. You might have to go with a used copy for a decent price, but this is a must own PS4 exclusive.

Nier: Automata


For me, this little JRPG was forcefully pushed off the highway by none other than Persona 5. I was impressed by Nier: Automata’s story, and the gameplay variety it included, but at the time this just wasn’t what I was looking for. Others may have overlooked it due to the abstract nature of the game. Unfortunately, this being a tried and true JRPG means that the price tag is much more stubborn. I wouldn’t count on this being one of the more affordable ventures, but if you have the resources to spare, I highly recommend giving it a chance.

Resident Evil 7


I’ve been a Resident Evil fan longer than I can remember, but this just wasn’t in the cards for me. Rather than simply not wanting to spend the money, I just couldn’t find the time to devote to RE7. Another factor came from being burned by the waste of money that was Resident Evil 6. My initial instinct was to let this sequel simmer for a bit to make sure I wouldn’t regret the investment. At this point there’s been more than enough proof that RE7 will be a worthy addition to your library. The physical console versions are currently quite affordable, so there’s little reason to leave this one in the dark.

Horizon: Zero Dawn


Out of every game on this list, Horizon: Zero Dawn is the one that I regret skipping the most. When it released most of the gaming community, including me, were heavy into exploring everything that Breath of the Wild had to offer. The prospect of launching myself into another open world adventure, that was generally similar to Zelda, just felt exhausting. Based on the game’s coverage, I’m confident that this will be my next purchase. Since DLC is inbound, this price of this title has also dropped significantly. I highly recommend picking this up if you own a PS4.

It’s likely that these games were on your radar to some extent, and hopefully this list makes it a little easier to pull the trigger. July-August is a great time to work on your backlog. Make sure to get into these before October arrives, and the new releases pick back up again!


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