About Our Blog

The Nerding Grounds is a blog for those who live and breathe gaming, comics, film, anime, pretty much any outlet of nerd culture. The ultimate goal of this blog is to deliver creative and quality content to fans of the gaming industry, amidst the daily flood of “instant gratification media.” We are always looking for feedback and anyone who is interested in contributing.




Anthony Armstrong (TonyBalonii):

Anthony is the manager, editor, and contributing writer of The Nerding Grounds. He was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and works as a senior account manager at the online marketing firm, Search Influence. His interests include gaming, music, film, comics/graphic novels, and anime. His specialty gaming areas include role-playing, action/adventure, simulation, real time strategy, platform, and survival. In his free time he enjoys writing short stories and screenplays.

Brett Lindsey (brettlind)

Brett arranges letters into words. Sometimes these words will group together for warmth and protection against the roving gangs of punctuation that are known to malign Brett’s writing. His interests include apathy and whatever. In his free time he likes to rage quit multiplayer games and talk to his cats.